The Sky’s No Limit | Skyteam Bongo 125 | Skymirror

No big bikes. No scripts. No directors, no make-up artists. No boxes to check. And that; is a kind of freedom. One minute we were tourists and the next minute we were a tourist attraction. The cameraman was at some point the subject.

Every once in a while, it’s good to throw away the rulebook and make a new game. Whether it’s the expectations and ‘standards’ of the biker image, or the video production handbook; the rules we make become our limitations.
We rode away from the ‘serious biker’ character. Swapped the Enduro for a “monkey-bike”, left the riding jackets and safety gear behind. Threw out all the textbooks just to see if we could learn something new.

And we did. We learned that small bikes can also mean big adventures. The Skyteam Bongo 125 is so fun-sized it’s ….fun. Stress-free kind of fun. Bike stuck in the mud? Just lift it out. Can’t ride across the ocean? Just throw it on the boat. A 125cc too small to travel long distances? Just load it up on the back of the pickup truck. All the things we wouldn’t have managed with an Africa Twin. As much as the consensus is that big bikes can go further than smaller ones; there are places that they just can’t follow.

It’s more than that though. It’s about context. A fun-sized bike creates a different feel altogether. It prevents you from taking things too seriously and has a tendency of laughing in the face of all that is ‘proper’. It encourages you with its lack of expectations, to be a little silly without any shame involved. After all, you have to live a lil’ crazy to stay sane.

A big shout-out to our pal Reizo Zen – Malaysia’s Michael Jackson Tribute Artiste, for the fun times.

-Jon Yap-

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Protected: The Ducati 2018 Foursome

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Here is a Recap of some of our past adventures.

This was during Rimba Raid in 2017 when we were commissioned by Ducati Malaysia to cover the event. Yes we do Production Work too as we are  a Video Production Facility. So you know who to call when you need any videos done. (Budget can be discussed).

An off roading event held at Kampung Mat Daling. With 2 separate courses for the Enduros and Dual Purpose Motorcycles. What an event. The Scramblers handled the course relatively well. Well done Ducati. Thank you Rimba Raid Community. Thank you Ducati Malaysia


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SATURDAY SANTAI | VESPA | PRIMAVERA + GTS | 70th Anniversary Edition


Teh Tarik – Check
Roti Canai Dhal Sambal – Check
Iconic Scooter – Check
Itching To Ride – YEA!

Saturday mornings come and you’re out for some mountain air, get on a scoot and twist away. Chill & take in some scenery, catch-up with a friend over coffee, some things never get old.

That’s how we santai ( relax ) with our Vespas. Just get on & go where ever your itchiness takes you, well this iconic machine just takes us back in time where the pace of life was kinder, the air was fresher & Saturdays were meant for sleeping-in or taking it easy.

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It’s our first ride video & we’ve got Nurul Alis to go tearing up the back roads with.

The CMC XY400 & SC400 brings you back to a time when motorcycling was raw, daring & really fun. No ABS, No traction control, no computer, no digi-squat… No worries!

Like Alis says, you’re gonna tear it up anyway and customise it just the way you like it. So this is the bike to do Whatever Ya Want with and yeah, just go wherever ya’ want.

O yeah, kudos to Alis for hooking us up with these mean machines.


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This time we just Get Out and Roam Free from the stresses of urban life to recharge and align back with nature.
The Ducati Scrambler is that mix of 70% road and 30% off-road which allows you to take it just about anywhere with ease except for those heavy mud trails. What a joy taking this piece of Italian engineering from the city to the highways, back roads, off roads and even through a river (with controlled precision of course).

For an 800cc, this is one very nimble, able and purpose built Italian that does not disappoint. With a plush saddle and a well fitted damping system to pair, it just makes you wanna ride on and on… Once you know you can do that, you’ve got a bike that is just right for you. And not to forget the aromatic coffee grind from Sudo Brew that made my retreat to nature complete.

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OTOMOTO | Go Anywhere, See Everything! Honda CB500XA

So you want to get on a bike and just go anywhere? see everything? The Honda CB500XA kicks up an quick adventure out of the city and into backyards for some real good drip coffee, sand roads and clear blue open skies.


Just loving the versatility of this nimble little adventure bike. Enough power to the wheels to keep your imagination going on where you could possibly bring this bike. You don’t really have to think too hard with a throttle this friendly. No sore bums too after riding the sand mine roads that we found by accident. I’d say this is a “wheel it out of the porch and ride” kinda bike. Yup definitely going to go anywhere and see anything with this one.

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For cafe info, visit

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Kuala Selangor. Relaxing


One Cosy Cafe ( About BLUE Cafe)


Awesome Cheesecakes !


Cold Drip Coffee Anyone?


Time hit the road after my Coffee Shot


Hmmm perhaps a little too much Cheese Cake Goodness?


Love the plushness of the suspension off road


What an awesome outing. If everyday was today!


Falling in love with this little adventure bike. So nimble, so easy to ride and no dramas. Coupled with awesome routes and scenery. I just wanna ride and ride on…



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TIPS | When to change your Crash Helmet

Hey guys. found this video courtesy of Get Geared UK.

An interesting and important explanation on the importance to know when to change your Helmet. What are the tell tale sign when time is up for your helmet and what shortens the life of your helmet! Please take note.

The EPS Foam is the vital component in saving our lives!

Have a safe ride!


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IN AWE | What a trip down memory lane….AND THE FOOD….

Hey gang.. you should check this place out for some nostalgia and for some rocking awesome authentic THAI FOOD!

DSC00001The place…ABAH & Sons Co.

This place is located in Sg Besi Area.

Here is the address

62-A The Trillium Lake Fields, Jalan Tasik Utama 7, Sungei Besi




It still functions perfectly!



A VW Area


Wow, still in excellent condition


Check out them bikes up there! This is just the tip of the collection OMG…


Malaysian Nostalgia


You don’t hear Lambretta much these days. But they are older than Vespa.



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LATEST | 2017 Colour Scheme for the Honda CBR 650F and CB 650F

Just released in Malaysia! (Drooling)

These look stunning. I think we will be getting many new big toys from Honda this year.

The CBR and CB comes in two color variants, Matte Black with Red Chassis and Matte Black with White Chassis. A breath of fresh air from the previous boring and soft colour scheme. Even though just cosmetics, but you now get to feel its point of aggressiveness.

I believe it should be available at Honda Impian from 23rd January 2017 onwards.

Price wise for this Middleweight Player? hmmm somewhere  in the mid 40k region and with a 2 year warranty or 20k manufacturers warranty. (Yang mana comes first la…the usual).

Go check it out @ or

CB 650F – Matte Black with White Chassis

CB 650F – Matte Black with White Chassis

CB 650F – Matte Black with Red Chassis

CB 650F – Matte Black with Red Chassis

CBR 650F – Matte Black with Red Chassis

CBR 650F – Matte Black with Red Chassis

CBR 650F – Matte Black with White Chassis

CBR 650F – Matte Black with White Chassis


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