As of 7th December 2016,

MV Agusta starts a new beginning in Malaysia with its new partners with the signing ceremony  for the Local Assembly and Distribution Rights between MV Agusta Motor SpA (represented by Mr Judah Sangaran – Far East Country Manager) and DNC Asiatic Holdings Sdn Bhd – Demak group (represented by Ms Hu Ying – Executive Director) and the appointment of Moto Verese Asiatic Sdn Bhd (represented by Mr Muhamad Zamry Abu Samah – Managing Director) as the Sole Distributor of MV Augusta’s in Malaysia.

It all went smoothly today at the DNC Asiatic Holdings (Demak Group) Headquarters.


A milestone for MV in Malaysia as it had been struggling with its brand presence here for many many years. Based on much feedback from media friends, they seem to think that is by far is the best match for MV Agusta.

DNC Asiatic Holdings (Demak Group) will be responsible for the component imports and local assembly of MV’s while Moto Varese Asiatic holds the sole distributorship for MV’s where they will handle the retail, marketing and promotion aspects of the MV brand.

To put it simply.

Principle (MV Agusta Motor SpA) → Importer/Local Assembler (DNC Asiatic “Demak Group”)→ Sole Distributor (Moto Varese Asiatic)

Local assembly could mean one thing, competitive pricing but it will not be a pasar malam bargain hunters market i’m afraid which is a good thing as well.

Termed as Super Premium Bikes by MV Agusta Motor Spa’s Far East Country Manager Judah Sangaran, we can expect an improved customer service and after sales experience with it’s up an coming flagship 3S centre that will open its doors within the first half of 2017  based in the Batu Caves area.

We were promised the full range of MV motorcycles (8 to be exact) to be available for sale in Malaysia and bookings can already be made for it. Quote”everything will roll out at the same time.”


Judah Sangaran with his keynote address


Press conference after

2 more centres would also be in the pipeline for Penang and also East Malaysia.

In 2016 the Asia Pacific Region sold around 1497 units of MV with it biggest market being Australia that did about 400 units as compared to 72 units in 2015. Why the jump when asked? It was because of MV’s range of Limited Edition Bikes that had been a pulling factor for buyers especially in Australia said Mr Sangaran.


With Mohd Zamry of Moto Varese, Y Bhg Dato Ir’ Hj Mohamad Dalib of RTD, Judah Sangaran of MV Agusta Motor SpA and Ms Hu Ying of DNC Asiatic

Now by being Super Premium and wanting to keep its premium image like say a Ferrari or Lamborghini, my question would be whether they would vet the customer list of potential buyers. If we take a look at another italian brand for instance (starts with a D), it was once dubbed a premium brand that has been worshiped by many. A desirable machine that only the rich could afford in Malaysia. However in recent times, based on public perception, it is now termed as a “Motor Rempit” as most owners are riding it as if they were one their “Kap Chais” or “Mopeds” doing illegal races.

Market Positioning I believe is what MV would be needing to focus on to uphold it’s image of prestige.

2017 will be an interesting year from MV and its new partners. One that would be exciting yet challenging because of the economic situation. The 10 year cycle they say. However, the rich are never severely affected. It is the Middle Incomers that are affected the most and they are slowly diminishing. Apart from that….for 2017, It will be and itching one to get behind an MV!


This is BRUTAL


Peace yo!


The team at DNC Asiatic and Moto Varese Asiatic with Judah Sangaran of MV Agusta Motor SpA


They also have a crazy side to them ….Love it!


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16YM MSX125

Hyper Yellow

Hey it’s finally here…the much anticipated Honda MSX 125 or widely known as THE GROM that has been flooding the internet lately.

Back in the 70’s and 80’s we would call them Monkey bikes…and the trend is back.

These are a hit in asia as well around the globe. I was in Siem Reap 2 months back and I kept seeing these MSX 125’s on the streets. Was talking to myself…Eh when lah Malaysia…

Guess what it is finally here and this is some head turner. Not by its super bike looks which there aren’t, but the intriguing design of it that gives you an impression that even a child can ride it. Here are the dimensions. 1,755(L) x 730(W) x 1,000mm (H). No wonder it is so senang to cilok as they say (weave through traffic) and a favorite amongst users. Nice one Honda!

Small and low profile tyres, the ability to customize and all. I was on youtube the other day and I came across a video of a Grom/MSX125 hitting the corners like there was not tomorrow. I was like….really? I had to take a 2nd look…

This will be an awesome play bike and your daily commuter that will not blow your money bag.

16YM MSX125

Burning Red

So what is the MSX 125 all about?

It’s powered by a potent 125cc air- cooled single cylinder 4-stroke engine that delivers maximum power of 7.2kW at 7,000rpm and maximum torque of 11Nm at 5,250rpm. Not bad at all…no wonder it was hitting the corners effortlessly.

It has a 5.7 litre fuel tank, Fuel Injected and a Euro 3 standard compliant engine. Meaning cleaner emissions. That we like.

Chassis wise, it is constructed from an extremely strong and durable steel mono-backbone frame claiming to provide confident handling in all conditions (Yet to give it a good go). Its underbone frame is claimed to be rigid yet flexible enough to allow a certain degree of yield, which enables it to better respond to changes on the road. Ideal dimensions of 1,755(L) x 730(W) x 1,000mm (H) with a make the MSX 125 very easy to manage and navigate through tight traffic.

16YM MSX125

Very familiar Meter Display

It also comes with a sleek fairing with its LED headlight & taillight. The LCD display with speedometer, twin trip meters, fuel gauge and clock although taken from the CB series is definitely refreshing in lines with Honda’s  revamp plans to prioritize new designs with technology in every new line up.

So what is the Price tag on this…? Well not too hefty.
Currently it has an introduction showroom price of RM11,128.94 (GST included), with a manufacturing warranty of 2 years or 20,000km (whichever comes first).

The MSX 125 available in two color options, Hyper Yellow and Burning Red.

For more details, you can get in touch with Boon Siew Honda @ or call Boon Siew Honda Toll-Free number at 1800-88-3993 (Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm, except for public holidays).

Time to GROM yourself out….

Otomoto…”The journey is in the Ride”

What an MSX 125 can look like…

What potential

What potential



Will this make shores?

Will this make shores?

This is what i'm talkin about

This is what i’m talkin about




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REVEALED | All new Honda BEAT PGMFi 125cc

Boon Siew Honda Malaysia in collaboration with UKM recently revealed their new Honda Beat 125cc.cimg7674cimg7688cimg7709cimg7719

Targeted for the 17 – 25 year olds, that would mean Fresh university students, young and new riders, campus commuters and even first time owners. Honda Beat is poised to garner a fair market share for the AT segment. Honda markets its BEAT as a Young Active Lifestyle Vehicle are expecting to sell 12,500 units in Malaysia.

In recent times, Honda dropped to the No 2 ranking in Malaysia for the motorcycle segment. However Honda is  poised to gain it’s No 1 ranking by 2018 .

Its main boost would be the renewal of its line up in the coming months and years leading to 2018. A fresh appeal coupled with innovation and design is always a winning formula which I felt was missing in Honda as well and I would be right to say that the line ups has been rather Un-excitable and Soft.cimg7791

Coming back to the Honda BEAT. A bike is just a bike and a scooter like the BEAT is just like any scooter right? So how different can it be?

Well lets take a look at their selling points

  1. CBS – Combi Braking System
  2. EEV – Energy Efficient Vehicle
  3. eSP
  4. PGM-FI – Programmed Fuel Injection
  5. Digital Meter

So What did I like about it after riding it  around the campus compound?

  1. Fuel Injection system (PGM-FI). Although silent at idle, it was a lively and perky experience as you hit the throttle. Comparing it to it’s older sibling the Spacey, this was definitely a winner with better response at get go.
  2. The CBS system. Combi Brake System. What is it?  Basically, a front brake assisted system while applying the rear brakes. Why did they do that? Based on the recent research on rider habits, 32% of new riders were found to only use their rear brake when stopping and we all know or should know that using the rear brake alone will not help in emergency situations or even for that quick stop as compared to 60% of the market users that use both front and rear brakes which would be the safest thing to do to enable your bike to slow down safely and efficiently.I found the CBS rather useful and after doing the brake test, braking distance was considerably shorter as compared to the test on the Spacey with no CBS.This is a good thumbs up and as BEAT was kept inline when braking.
  3. I found the digital meter to be a refreshing and premium like especially with the affordable price tag of around RM 5500.
  4. Honda claims of excellent Fuel Economy figures @ 2 litres to 100 kilometres. Will definitely give this a try once a test unit lands in our hands. If all is said and done…what a saver that would be.
  5. Handling wise, the BEAT is a very nimble and easy to handle scooter with good ergonomics that is if you are 5ft 7 or shorter. I did find it a little small for my liking.


Overall, it is a well built scooter with good pickup and smooth power delivery. A good commuter for the young at heart. It is definitely lean looking and very nimble. An ease to ride. From how I see it, women would be seen best riding on the BEAT in this case. Just my honest opinion.cimg7856

More new models releases are in the pipeline for Boon Siew Honda and we are anticipating the launch of the new FUN bikes. Can’t wait to give them a go!

Till then …you have a bike? Just get out there and Ride like the wind!



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VESPA | Turns 70 Years Old (1976 – 2016)

I remember the time when I was about 6 or 7 years old browsing through the family photo album and seeing dad happily on his Lambretta Scooter in Penang where he worked as a police officer and the place where he met and courted mom who is a Penangite. He went everywhere with his scooter.Dad would have been 73 this year. Mom is now 73. At that time in the 60’s, they too were influenced by it’s younger counterpart, the VESPA.

Vespa is Celebrating its 70th Anniversary this year. It was a totally different era back in the 60’ was their era. Vespas were everywhere and even my late Granduncle Akob in Singapore continued riding his PX150 after retirement back in the 90’s.


Vespa is the Italian brand manufactured by the Piaggio Company. It started it manufacturing in 1946 and has now evolved to a household brand when it comes to scooters.

Famous for its painted, pressed steel unibody combining a complete cowling for the engine, a flatboard and a prominent fairing into one unit.

70 years on, it still retains all of those features but with a modern twist to it. Its motto “not just a scooter but a way of life” lives on till this day.

cimg7599 cimg7602 cimg7597cimg7608cimg7610

Over the weekend of 19th Nov 2016, Vespa Malaysia held its 70th Anniversary Celebrations kicking it off with a convoy ride of 500 Vespa lovers ending their journey at Publika Shopping Gallery. The parking bays were dominated by a sea of  Vespa scooters from the Classic PX 150 to the latest and Special Edition Models.








Classic, Elegant, Cult Following…That is Vespa and that was the Golden Era of the 60’s and 70’s where vespa’s took on the world by storm.

70 years on, the brand is now making its presence felt even more  retaining its classic and poise charm with a wide variety of new models to choose from to suite each individual. Customization is always a must for a Vespa.

Naza Premira Sdn Bhd being the official imported and distributor for Vespa, revealed 6 new models that will flood the Malaysian Market in conjunction with its 70th Anniversary.

The atmosphere at Publika was a grand and happy one especially for participants as there were activities and also a lucky draw where the main prize was a Vespa Primavera 125 scooter.


Chief Operating Officer Farouk Faisal of Naza Premira gave everyone a warm welcome and made things light for the event.

I  managed to view the new models that were there on display. Vespa has kept the colour Turquoise as its official color and will be available in all variants.

The Vespa PX 150 70th Anniversary was the star of the show . A Limited special edition model of the Classic Vespa with a Clutch and Gear. The classic 2 stroke Engine is retained retained but with modern day reliability and technology. A beauty to appreciate and I foresee an appreciation in value over the years. It retails  at RM 26,000 pre GST.



I must say though. While keeping production costs low with  the same chasis and powerplant matching it to different designs…The Finishing  was En point. I just love the minuit details that was put in to these designs that is perhaps the contributing factor to its appeal. Honestly, its finishing is even better than some Ducati models….Good for Vespa not so good for Ducati….

Price wise, Vespa positions itself in the upper segment of things that are classy and refined. However it has gained favoritism from all walks of life, it’s like a must have item or fashion accessory . Would I want one….Most definitely yes if I can justify the cost to own a 125cc scooter that cost more than ten thousand ringgit in Malaysia. One thing for sure…it is definitely a HEAD TURNER!



cimg7620 cimg7625 cimg7626 cimg7627    cimg7648cimg7632cimg7633cimg7635   cimg7647




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By: Sharizan Borhan|

Hey gang. This has been a much talked about topic recently to have  motorcycles fitted with ABS as a standard fitting rather than an optional accessory. As we already know or if you are new to the automotive world, ABS actually saves lives. Imagine locking up that front wheel in an emergency situation especially on 2 wheels. What happens next can be a very painful or fatal experience. And trust me….IT CAN HAPPEN to even the most seasoned rider. All it takes is a slip in concentration and reflexes.

You may claim that you can simulate the brake pressure regulated by an ABS system with your squeeze grip…but when an emergency happens, it may not turn out that way. It had even happen to me despite having 25 years of riding experience. Ahem…I am not exactly that old as I started riding at 16 yrs of age and experienced my first major accident at 17.

So how can ABS minimize the risk of a lock up?

ABS or Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) works to prevent a wheel lock up everytime you apply the brakes in any situation to any moving vehicle installed with one. ABS uses speed sensors on both wheels to accurately determine wheel speed it is also able to determine when a wheel is about to lock up.
Its an interesting feeling on the brake caliper or foot pedal when the ABS kicks in …you will feel a juddering effect or brake pressure being regulated many times to prevent a wheel lock up and allowing the rider be in total control in any situation.
Many studies have also shown that ABS systems does reduce braking distance as compared to vehicles not fitted with ABS.
Here are some visuals where the ABS units are placed.
07-motorcycle-abs-01 abs-in-motorcycle motorcycle-diagram sb0401-bd2












So all in all, whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, ABS is the way to go. It is one of those burden lifter or must haves that gives you peace of mind when you are riding. It is worth forking out that extra penny to slow down safely.

Remember, prevention is always better than cure. Safety First. Your Life depends on it!

Video courtesy of Vicroads Australia.


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 By: Sharizan Borhan|

full-faceCrash helmets have been around for some time now and it has been proven that it is somewhat of a lifesaver. Why you may ask? Simple, our head is like one big watermelon. Have you ever seen what happens when a watermelon is dropped from the height of an average person or even flung ahead simulating a head on collision? It just breaks open with a splat upon hitting the ground. Liquid oozing out of its shell and at times it just breaks apart into many tiny mushy pieces.

Now imagine your head. Imagine this precious part of the body being dropped or even flung ahead in a head on collision. Ever imagined what would happen? Has it happened to you? Well it has for me. I was just 17 years of age when i was involved in a side head on collision with a car that came out of a junction despite me having right of way. Everything was just slow motion during the hit coupled with the flying scene like Superman over the car. But the moment you hit the ground….everything changes…you are now back in real time…I still remember the landing after flying over the car….I landed on my head and rolled several times before coming to a halt. If not for the helmet…it would have been one very short life experience on earth. Not a very pleasant experience I must say.But one I will remember for the rest of my life..I was lucky to just get away with abrasions to the left knee which left me in bed for a week with  a swollen knee and elbow, a blood clot toe and of course a bruised ego. But hey I was alive to live another day.


These are never to be used again.


A life saver


Imagine No Helmet







That saying, why are some riders still not taking the helmet seriously? There has also been many trying to prove a theory that helmets break necks, block views, impair hearing and so forth. But they have been consistently disproved of.

So what is the actual reason for not wanthelmet-designing to take a helmet seriously?

Here are some of our guesses:

  1. I wanna ride in the wind
  2. I don’t look good in it
  3. Nothing’s gonna happen to me
  4. Its just down the road
  5. Real bikers don’t need helmets
  6. and the shenanigans and justifications go on and on

But when disaster strikes you’ll be regretting it for the rest of your life.That is…if you are still ALIVE..

So be a sensible person and be a safety-conscious rider. Be responsible to you and your loved ones. PUT THAT SHELL ON THAT SKULL. You only have one for life…Protect it.


Overtime with advancement of technology, we are seeing a vast array of helmet selections ranging from the traditional open faced,modular right up to the full faced helmets.

But what do we actually know about shopping for the right helmet. We are all not born with the same head circumference or shape. So how to we shop for a helmet that will suit our individual needs?

Well before we even go there, let’s get some insights of a helmet first. Different helmets do different things. For example, there are hard hats for the construction industry, helmets for the athletic sports industry and even Kevlar® caps for the military.

Point to note, none of it are interchangeable with one another especially when comes to riding a motorcycle. Why? Because motorcycle helmets are sophisticatedly designed and specialized for the activity. They have also been carefully and scientifically advanced over the years.

What you need to know are the four basic components that work hand in hand in providing optimal protection to a riders head they are 1) the outer shell 2) an impact-absorbing liner 3)  the comfort padding 4) the retention system.


Outer Shellopen-with-modular

The outer shell is usually made of fiber-reinforced composites or thermoplastics like polycarbonate. It is tough yet designed to compress to disperse or lessen energy and force before it reaches your head upon impact of an accident. However it needs to work hand in hand with the other 3 components.

inner-absorbing-linerImpact-absorbing liner

The impact-absorbing liner is usually made of expanded polystyrene yes you heard right…polystyrene that we usually think nothing of it. This dense layer cushions and absorbs shock as the helmet stops when your head wants to keep on moving. Both the shell and the liner compresses when hit hard, spreading the forces of impact throughout the entire helmet. The more impact-energy deflected or absorbed, the less there is of it to reach your head and brain and do damage.

Some helmet shells are designed to deform, crack or break upon severe impact to absorb shock. Impact damage from a crash to the non-resilient liner may be invisible to the eye and it may look normal, but it may have little or no protective value left and should be replaced.

Comfort padding


The comfort padding or lining is the soft foam-and-cloth layer that sits next to your head. It assists in proper fitting and keeps your head comfortable. In some helmets, this padding can even be taken out for cleaning or to be replaced with new ones or or for size change.


Retention system aka chin strapretention-system

The retention system aka chin strap is the vital component that completes the link. It is the one piece that keeps the helmet on your head during an impact. The chin strap is connected to each side of the shell. It only takes of couple of seconds fasten it and that would be the vital factor between life and death in an event of an impact. Fasten your chin strap securely otherwise best not to wear a helmet at all.


We hope this has helped you know understand the crash helmet and its importance a little better. It’s a LIFE SAVER

REMEMBER…NO GEAR….NO RIDE!! Ride responsibly.


Modular Helmet


Traditional Open Face Helmet


Open Face with Visor


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ROWVILLE TO KORUMBURRA | Ju’s Adventures Downunder

Story and photos contributed by  Ju K. Wong (Melbourne, Australia)|

It’s been a very long time since I’ve picked up a pen and wrote about anything. So much time has passed, where do I begin? Where has all the time gone? Well since this is about my riding experiences, let’s skip to the essentials, shall we?

First a little about myself. I’ve been riding since I turned 15 when my dad bought me my first “kap chai” aka Honda Cub 70. But in reality I have been riding long before that. Occasionally “borrowing” friends/dad’s/uncle’s bikes and riding around my neighbourhood was a source of great adventure and fun. I remember the sense of freedom that I felt when I finally had my own bike. I was independent now! I could go anywhere I wanted! Wow.

Over the years I’ve ridden many different bikes, in different countries. My current steed is a Honda CB1000R in the style of the current super naked streetfighters. Don’t ask me why I chose this. I’m not sure myself other than it looked cool. I mean, taste is a very personal thing, isn’t it?


Any-hoo, back to the ride. This trip is one that I’m familiar with. Korumburra is a lovely country town about 120 kms south-east of Melbourne whose primary industry is milk farming and processing. Rolling hills, windy roads, tight switchbacks and deep gorges make this one of my favourites. It’s an ideal 3 hour round trip that is not-too-near nor not-too-far but just right. Just like Goldilocks.

I started my ride from Rowville and headed eastward down the Monash Freeway towards Warragul. After a quick stop to fill up at the petrol station on the highway, I continued on my journey. I exited the highway at the Koo Wee Rup exit and pointed my steed towards Phillip Island. The riding was smooth but the highway was covered with yellow daisies further exacerbating my hay fever allergies and a few gross sneezes in my full face helmet. Unperturbed I connected with the South Gippsland Highway (M420) turned off towards Wilson’s Prom/Korumburra. The scenery gradually changed from flat featureless farmland to rolling hills that looked just liked the Windows background of vivid blues and green.Traffic was light and I settled behind a car that was travelling approximately my cruising speed. It’s always a good idea to sit behind a car (at a safe distance of course) when driving down country roads (especially at dawn or dusk) due to the high incidence of kangaroos/wombats dashing across the road with little or no warning. A collision with one of these animals can write-off your car and can certainly kill you if you are on a bike. So better use the car in front as a barrier!

I arrived at Korumburra and promptly headed to its famous bakery on the main street. This is my usual rendezvous place with my beautiful wife and partner in crime. The cappuccino was aromatic and the meat pie was sumptuous. The weather was absolutely amazing as the sun finally came out to play after weeks of clouds and rain.

Korumburra is the heritage centre of South Gippsland. It is located in the scenic rolling foothills of the Strzelecki Ranges in South Gippsland. It’s the home of the Coal Creek Community Park and Museum. This village depicts life in the area over the period from the 1870s to 1920s, as the town rapidly expanded following the discovery of a coal seam.The outdoor museum covers 12 hectares of bushland, including 60 exhibits. These include the Giant Earthworm, National Bank, Anzac exhibit, Mining exhibits, Dairy exhibit at the Boston Carriageworks and Railway Museum. The Park is free entry and open Thursdays to Mondays during term time and seven days a week during school holidays. Korumburra Botanic Park is a worthwhile stopover. It’s a lush little bush park with walking trails that meander through the trees, little streams and creeks that beckon you to linger for a while. The sound of running streams is breathtakingly tranquil and a great place to pause. Just follow the signs after the BP station at the top of Bridge Street.

After lunch, I decided to take the scenic route home. This took me through the Strzelecki Ranges north of Korumburra towards Warragul. Some of the most beautiful riding country can be found on this route. Sweeping views with lush rolling meadows, beautiful twisty country roads, stunning scenery that on a clear day, you can almost see the sea. There are little villages along the way that don’t look out of place in the Swiss Alps! All along route, stunning views of the valley below and beautiful green paddocks.


camerazoom-201508221326577401 20160920_133053 20160920_141726

On the way you pass by quaint little farm houses as you ride on a ridge with drop-offs on both sides. Don’t ogle too long at the scenery though or you might find yourself riding off the ridge! The roads here are two-way and are decent. They are rough/bumpy in places but are well sign-posted. What I found really handy was the yellow speed advisory at every corner. This helped me decide at what speed to approach each corner and whether the corner is actually tightening or straightening out. Very helpful when you’re channelling Valentino Rossi at each corner!


Midway between Korumburra and Warragul, I took a detour toward Poowong. Like much of the surrounding area, it used to be covered by dense rain forests, early European settlers spent many hard years clearing the giant trees, ferns, sword grass and undergrowth until the township was established in 1870. Today Poowong is a small dairying village of approximately 600 people and surrounded by dairy farms. There was nobody on the streets so I made a quick stopover to take some pictures before continuing on my way. Accommodation can be found at the Poowong Hotel and you can’t miss it.

All too soon it was time to head back. I once again mounted my trusty steed and pointed toward Drouin. Drouin was established in the early 1870’s and today is a trendy little town with sidewalk cafes and parks. Gourmet deli shops line the streets and after a quick rest stop saw me on the M1 highway again and on the way home.

South Gippsland is wonderful riding country and if you take the time, there are many treasures to be found. The friendly locals, stunning views, rich history and excellent roads make this one of my current favourite rides. There is so much more to discover and no doubt I will be back to explore this wonderful region again.

Ju K’s adventures can also be read at


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By: Sharizan Borhan|

How many of you have actually longed to get back onto a motorcycle after a long hiatus?

You must be in the mid stages of your life if you are.

Most common reasons for taking a break

  1. Starting a family
  2. Injury
  3. Saving up for Education
  4. Business taking a toll on your time
  5. and the list goes on.

Once all these reasons are over and dealt with, you are feeling ready to get back on one because that itch becomes more and more apparent. And would you identify that? Well you begin your quest to research on bikes, you talk bikes, youtube bikes or even visit the showroom to get even more inspired.

You recall that feeling of the wind running through your face, the feeling of flying and feeling free, the sound and vibration of power running between your legs and with just a twist of your wrist…you take it up to a hundred kilometers an hour in a blink of an eye. ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS.

But something is stopping you. You suddenly come into realization….your confidence level  is not what it used to be, fear sets in and you begin to weigh your options, “ I still wanna ride but I’m not young anymore” Thoughts are now running through your head.

  1. What are my priorities
  2. I’m not young anymore
  3. Can I risk an injury
  4. and the list of things that run through your mind goes on and on…

In this kind of situation, what are the things that you should really consider before getting back on a motorcycle after along break?

Here are some tips

  • An attitude check

Most of us getting back on a motorcycle again would be in our midlife era now. So an attitude review is a must. Think “mature ” as you are no longer that young biker boy next door but distinguished gentlemen. Our reflexes are also not what is is used to before.

  • Get a refresher course

Ask a friends who have current riding experiences to give you one and perhaps hand you a loaner bike. If not make that purchase for that purpose.

You may also know a friend of a friend who is in a similar situation as you are. Do a tag team. For some who have been there, get them to shed some insights to you how they overcame them.

  • Start with a smaller CC motorcycle or a slower one

With more power comes greater responsibility to restrain you. We all know that when it comes to exceeding the legal speed limit, we are all guilty…but the question is are you riding responsibly? Are you in control or is the bike controlling you?

Honestly any bike is never wrong as long as its ridden sensibly.

  • Review your ride options

This is a very important factor because as priorities in life changes so does our taste in riding styles. You may be stiffer physically, or have much to think about in terms of commitment, safety, appearance, speed, handling and more importantly COMFORT. A sore bottom and back can be a huge turnoff .

  • Review your safety gear

Can’t stress this enough. If you can afford it…Out with the old and in with the new. We all know that Helmets have a lifespan of about bout 5 years minus any crashes or chips. Check it out to see if there is anything falling out…if so…it is a good excuse or a compulsory excuse for a new  one.

  • Riding Jacket and Pants with body armor

Inspect them thoroughly. If there are any signs of wear and tear especially fabric tears, best to keep it as a spare and start shopping for a new one. Another good excuse to keep up with new safety aspects.

And of course if they still fit your Mid-age body. Anything forced is never a good thing.

  • Riding Boots/Shoes

They too tend to deteriorate in storage especially in humid weather. Run a check on its pliability and look of for cracks and breaks in the leather and plastics. The Sole condition is also important to check for hardening.

If all the above show signs, shop for new ones.

Once you have checked all the boxes…its now time to get that bike and “ride like the wind”


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