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LATEST | 2017 Colour Scheme for the Honda CBR 650F and CB 650F

Just released in Malaysia! (Drooling)

These look stunning. I think we will be getting many new big toys from Honda this year.

The CBR and CB comes in two color variants, Matte Black with Red Chassis and Matte Black with White Chassis. A breath of fresh air from the previous boring and soft colour scheme. Even though just cosmetics, but you now get to feel its point of aggressiveness.

I believe it should be available at Honda Impian from 23rd January 2017 onwards.

Price wise for this Middleweight Player? hmmm somewhere  in the mid 40k region and with a 2 year warranty or 20k manufacturers warranty. (Yang mana comes first la…the usual).

Go check it out @ or

CB 650F – Matte Black with White Chassis

CB 650F – Matte Black with White Chassis

CB 650F – Matte Black with Red Chassis

CB 650F – Matte Black with Red Chassis

CBR 650F – Matte Black with Red Chassis

CBR 650F – Matte Black with Red Chassis

CBR 650F – Matte Black with White Chassis

CBR 650F – Matte Black with White Chassis


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REVEALED | All new Honda BEAT PGMFi 125cc

Boon Siew Honda Malaysia in collaboration with UKM recently revealed their new Honda Beat 125cc.cimg7674cimg7688cimg7709cimg7719

Targeted for the 17 – 25 year olds, that would mean Fresh university students, young and new riders, campus commuters and even first time owners. Honda Beat is poised to garner a fair market share for the AT segment. Honda markets its BEAT as a Young Active Lifestyle Vehicle are expecting to sell 12,500 units in Malaysia.

In recent times, Honda dropped to the No 2 ranking in Malaysia for the motorcycle segment. However Honda is  poised to gain it’s No 1 ranking by 2018 .

Its main boost would be the renewal of its line up in the coming months and years leading to 2018. A fresh appeal coupled with innovation and design is always a winning formula which I felt was missing in Honda as well and I would be right to say that the line ups has been rather Un-excitable and Soft.cimg7791

Coming back to the Honda BEAT. A bike is just a bike and a scooter like the BEAT is just like any scooter right? So how different can it be?

Well lets take a look at their selling points

  1. CBS – Combi Braking System
  2. EEV – Energy Efficient Vehicle
  3. eSP
  4. PGM-FI – Programmed Fuel Injection
  5. Digital Meter

So What did I like about it after riding it  around the campus compound?

  1. Fuel Injection system (PGM-FI). Although silent at idle, it was a lively and perky experience as you hit the throttle. Comparing it to it’s older sibling the Spacey, this was definitely a winner with better response at get go.
  2. The CBS system. Combi Brake System. What is it?  Basically, a front brake assisted system while applying the rear brakes. Why did they do that? Based on the recent research on rider habits, 32% of new riders were found to only use their rear brake when stopping and we all know or should know that using the rear brake alone will not help in emergency situations or even for that quick stop as compared to 60% of the market users that use both front and rear brakes which would be the safest thing to do to enable your bike to slow down safely and efficiently.I found the CBS rather useful and after doing the brake test, braking distance was considerably shorter as compared to the test on the Spacey with no CBS.This is a good thumbs up and as BEAT was kept inline when braking.
  3. I found the digital meter to be a refreshing and premium like especially with the affordable price tag of around RM 5500.
  4. Honda claims of excellent Fuel Economy figures @ 2 litres to 100 kilometres. Will definitely give this a try once a test unit lands in our hands. If all is said and done…what a saver that would be.
  5. Handling wise, the BEAT is a very nimble and easy to handle scooter with good ergonomics that is if you are 5ft 7 or shorter. I did find it a little small for my liking.


Overall, it is a well built scooter with good pickup and smooth power delivery. A good commuter for the young at heart. It is definitely lean looking and very nimble. An ease to ride. From how I see it, women would be seen best riding on the BEAT in this case. Just my honest opinion.cimg7856

More new models releases are in the pipeline for Boon Siew Honda and we are anticipating the launch of the new FUN bikes. Can’t wait to give them a go!

Till then …you have a bike? Just get out there and Ride like the wind!



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