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As of 7th December 2016,

MV Agusta starts a new beginning in Malaysia with its new partners with the signing ceremony  for the Local Assembly and Distribution Rights between MV Agusta Motor SpA (represented by Mr Judah Sangaran – Far East Country Manager) and DNC Asiatic Holdings Sdn Bhd – Demak group (represented by Ms Hu Ying – Executive Director) and the appointment of Moto Verese Asiatic Sdn Bhd (represented by Mr Muhamad Zamry Abu Samah – Managing Director) as the Sole Distributor of MV Augusta’s in Malaysia.

It all went smoothly today at the DNC Asiatic Holdings (Demak Group) Headquarters.


A milestone for MV in Malaysia as it had been struggling with its brand presence here for many many years. Based on much feedback from media friends, they seem to think that is by far is the best match for MV Agusta.

DNC Asiatic Holdings (Demak Group) will be responsible for the component imports and local assembly of MV’s while Moto Varese Asiatic holds the sole distributorship for MV’s where they will handle the retail, marketing and promotion aspects of the MV brand.

To put it simply.

Principle (MV Agusta Motor SpA) → Importer/Local Assembler (DNC Asiatic “Demak Group”)→ Sole Distributor (Moto Varese Asiatic)

Local assembly could mean one thing, competitive pricing but it will not be a pasar malam bargain hunters market i’m afraid which is a good thing as well.

Termed as Super Premium Bikes by MV Agusta Motor Spa’s Far East Country Manager Judah Sangaran, we can expect an improved customer service and after sales experience with it’s up an coming flagship 3S centre that will open its doors within the first half of 2017  based in the Batu Caves area.

We were promised the full range of MV motorcycles (8 to be exact) to be available for sale in Malaysia and bookings can already be made for it. Quote”everything will roll out at the same time.”


Judah Sangaran with his keynote address


Press conference after

2 more centres would also be in the pipeline for Penang and also East Malaysia.

In 2016 the Asia Pacific Region sold around 1497 units of MV with it biggest market being Australia that did about 400 units as compared to 72 units in 2015. Why the jump when asked? It was because of MV’s range of Limited Edition Bikes that had been a pulling factor for buyers especially in Australia said Mr Sangaran.


With Mohd Zamry of Moto Varese, Y Bhg Dato Ir’ Hj Mohamad Dalib of RTD, Judah Sangaran of MV Agusta Motor SpA and Ms Hu Ying of DNC Asiatic

Now by being Super Premium and wanting to keep its premium image like say a Ferrari or Lamborghini, my question would be whether they would vet the customer list of potential buyers. If we take a look at another italian brand for instance (starts with a D), it was once dubbed a premium brand that has been worshiped by many. A desirable machine that only the rich could afford in Malaysia. However in recent times, based on public perception, it is now termed as a “Motor Rempit” as most owners are riding it as if they were one their “Kap Chais” or “Mopeds” doing illegal races.

Market Positioning I believe is what MV would be needing to focus on to uphold it’s image of prestige.

2017 will be an interesting year from MV and its new partners. One that would be exciting yet challenging because of the economic situation. The 10 year cycle they say. However, the rich are never severely affected. It is the Middle Incomers that are affected the most and they are slowly diminishing. Apart from that….for 2017, It will be and itching one to get behind an MV!


This is BRUTAL


Peace yo!


The team at DNC Asiatic and Moto Varese Asiatic with Judah Sangaran of MV Agusta Motor SpA


They also have a crazy side to them ….Love it!


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