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It’s our first ride video & we’ve got Nurul Alis to go tearing up the back roads with.

The CMC XY400 & SC400 brings you back to a time when motorcycling was raw, daring & really fun. No ABS, No traction control, no computer, no digi-squat… No worries!

Like Alis says, you’re gonna tear it up anyway and customise it just the way you like it. So this is the bike to do Whatever Ya Want with and yeah, just go wherever ya’ want.

O yeah, kudos to Alis for hooking us up with these mean machines.


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OTOMOTO | Go Anywhere, See Everything! Honda CB500XA

So you want to get on a bike and just go anywhere? see everything? The Honda CB500XA kicks up an quick adventure out of the city and into backyards for some real good drip coffee, sand roads and clear blue open skies.


Just loving the versatility of this nimble little adventure bike. Enough power to the wheels to keep your imagination going on where you could possibly bring this bike. You don’t really have to think too hard with a throttle this friendly. No sore bums too after riding the sand mine roads that we found by accident. I’d say this is a “wheel it out of the porch and ride” kinda bike. Yup definitely going to go anywhere and see anything with this one.

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Kuala Selangor. Relaxing


One Cosy Cafe ( About BLUE Cafe)


Awesome Cheesecakes !


Cold Drip Coffee Anyone?


Time hit the road after my Coffee Shot


Hmmm perhaps a little too much Cheese Cake Goodness?


Love the plushness of the suspension off road


What an awesome outing. If everyday was today!


Falling in love with this little adventure bike. So nimble, so easy to ride and no dramas. Coupled with awesome routes and scenery. I just wanna ride and ride on…



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LATEST | 2017 Colour Scheme for the Honda CBR 650F and CB 650F

Just released in Malaysia! (Drooling)

These look stunning. I think we will be getting many new big toys from Honda this year.

The CBR and CB comes in two color variants, Matte Black with Red Chassis and Matte Black with White Chassis. A breath of fresh air from the previous boring and soft colour scheme. Even though just cosmetics, but you now get to feel its point of aggressiveness.

I believe it should be available at Honda Impian from 23rd January 2017 onwards.

Price wise for this Middleweight Player? hmmm somewhere  in the mid 40k region and with a 2 year warranty or 20k manufacturers warranty. (Yang mana comes first la…the usual).

Go check it out @ or

CB 650F – Matte Black with White Chassis

CB 650F – Matte Black with White Chassis

CB 650F – Matte Black with Red Chassis

CB 650F – Matte Black with Red Chassis

CBR 650F – Matte Black with Red Chassis

CBR 650F – Matte Black with Red Chassis

CBR 650F – Matte Black with White Chassis

CBR 650F – Matte Black with White Chassis


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