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This time we just Get Out and Roam Free from the stresses of urban life to recharge and align back with nature.
The Ducati Scrambler is that mix of 70% road and 30% off-road which allows you to take it just about anywhere with ease except for those heavy mud trails. What a joy taking this piece of Italian engineering from the city to the highways, back roads, off roads and even through a river (with controlled precision of course).

For an 800cc, this is one very nimble, able and purpose built Italian that does not disappoint. With a plush saddle and a well fitted damping system to pair, it just makes you wanna ride on and on… Once you know you can do that, you’ve got a bike that is just right for you. And not to forget the aromatic coffee grind from Sudo Brew that made my retreat to nature complete.

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VESPA | Turns 70 Years Old (1976 – 2016)

I remember the time when I was about 6 or 7 years old browsing through the family photo album and seeing dad happily on his Lambretta Scooter in Penang where he worked as a police officer and the place where he met and courted mom who is a Penangite. He went everywhere with his scooter.Dad would have been 73 this year. Mom is now 73. At that time in the 60’s, they too were influenced by it’s younger counterpart, the VESPA.

Vespa is Celebrating its 70th Anniversary this year. It was a totally different era back in the 60’s..it was their era. Vespas were everywhere and even my late Granduncle Akob in Singapore continued riding his PX150 after retirement back in the 90’s.


Vespa is the Italian brand manufactured by the Piaggio Company. It started it manufacturing in 1946 and has now evolved to a household brand when it comes to scooters.

Famous for its painted, pressed steel unibody combining a complete cowling for the engine, a flatboard and a prominent fairing into one unit.

70 years on, it still retains all of those features but with a modern twist to it. Its motto “not just a scooter but a way of life” lives on till this day.

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Over the weekend of 19th Nov 2016, Vespa Malaysia held its 70th Anniversary Celebrations kicking it off with a convoy ride of 500 Vespa lovers ending their journey at Publika Shopping Gallery. The parking bays were dominated by a sea of  Vespa scooters from the Classic PX 150 to the latest and Special Edition Models.








Classic, Elegant, Cult Following…That is Vespa and that was the Golden Era of the 60’s and 70’s where vespa’s took on the world by storm.

70 years on, the brand is now making its presence felt even more  retaining its classic and poise charm with a wide variety of new models to choose from to suite each individual. Customization is always a must for a Vespa.

Naza Premira Sdn Bhd being the official imported and distributor for Vespa, revealed 6 new models that will flood the Malaysian Market in conjunction with its 70th Anniversary.

The atmosphere at Publika was a grand and happy one especially for participants as there were activities and also a lucky draw where the main prize was a Vespa Primavera 125 scooter.


Chief Operating Officer Farouk Faisal of Naza Premira gave everyone a warm welcome and made things light for the event.

I  managed to view the new models that were there on display. Vespa has kept the colour Turquoise as its official color and will be available in all variants.

The Vespa PX 150 70th Anniversary was the star of the show . A Limited special edition model of the Classic Vespa with a Clutch and Gear. The classic 2 stroke Engine is retained retained but with modern day reliability and technology. A beauty to appreciate and I foresee an appreciation in value over the years. It retails  at RM 26,000 pre GST.



I must say though. While keeping production costs low with  the same chasis and powerplant matching it to different designs…The Finishing  was En point. I just love the minuit details that was put in to these designs that is perhaps the contributing factor to its appeal. Honestly, its finishing is even better than some Ducati models….Good for Vespa not so good for Ducati….

Price wise, Vespa positions itself in the upper segment of things that are classy and refined. However it has gained favoritism from all walks of life, it’s like a must have item or fashion accessory . Would I want one….Most definitely yes if I can justify the cost to own a 125cc scooter that cost more than ten thousand ringgit in Malaysia. One thing for sure…it is definitely a HEAD TURNER!



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