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It’s our first ride video & we’ve got Nurul Alis to go tearing up the back roads with.

The CMC XY400 & SC400 brings you back to a time when motorcycling was raw, daring & really fun. No ABS, No traction control, no computer, no digi-squat… No worries!

Like Alis says, you’re gonna tear it up anyway and customise it just the way you like it. So this is the bike to do Whatever Ya Want with and yeah, just go wherever ya’ want.

O yeah, kudos to Alis for hooking us up with these mean machines.


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This time we just Get Out and Roam Free from the stresses of urban life to recharge and align back with nature.
The Ducati Scrambler is that mix of 70% road and 30% off-road which allows you to take it just about anywhere with ease except for those heavy mud trails. What a joy taking this piece of Italian engineering from the city to the highways, back roads, off roads and even through a river (with controlled precision of course).

For an 800cc, this is one very nimble, able and purpose built Italian that does not disappoint. With a plush saddle and a well fitted damping system to pair, it just makes you wanna ride on and on… Once you know you can do that, you’ve got a bike that is just right for you. And not to forget the aromatic coffee grind from Sudo Brew that made my retreat to nature complete.

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OTOMOTO | Go Anywhere, See Everything! Honda CB500XA

So you want to get on a bike and just go anywhere? see everything? The Honda CB500XA kicks up an quick adventure out of the city and into backyards for some real good drip coffee, sand roads and clear blue open skies.


Just loving the versatility of this nimble little adventure bike. Enough power to the wheels to keep your imagination going on where you could possibly bring this bike. You don’t really have to think too hard with a throttle this friendly. No sore bums too after riding the sand mine roads that we found by accident. I’d say this is a “wheel it out of the porch and ride” kinda bike. Yup definitely going to go anywhere and see anything with this one.

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Kuala Selangor. Relaxing


One Cosy Cafe ( About BLUE Cafe)


Awesome Cheesecakes !


Cold Drip Coffee Anyone?


Time hit the road after my Coffee Shot


Hmmm perhaps a little too much Cheese Cake Goodness?


Love the plushness of the suspension off road


What an awesome outing. If everyday was today!


Falling in love with this little adventure bike. So nimble, so easy to ride and no dramas. Coupled with awesome routes and scenery. I just wanna ride and ride on…



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IN AWE | What a trip down memory lane….AND THE FOOD….

Hey gang.. you should check this place out for some nostalgia and for some rocking awesome authentic THAI FOOD!

DSC00001The place…ABAH & Sons Co.

This place is located in Sg Besi Area.

Here is the address

62-A The Trillium Lake Fields, Jalan Tasik Utama 7, Sungei Besi




It still functions perfectly!



A VW Area


Wow, still in excellent condition


Check out them bikes up there! This is just the tip of the collection OMG…


Malaysian Nostalgia


You don’t hear Lambretta much these days. But they are older than Vespa.



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16YM MSX125

Hyper Yellow

Hey it’s finally here…the much anticipated Honda MSX 125 or widely known as THE GROM that has been flooding the internet lately.

Back in the 70’s and 80’s we would call them Monkey bikes…and the trend is back.

These are a hit in asia as well around the globe. I was in Siem Reap 2 months back and I kept seeing these MSX 125’s on the streets. Was talking to myself…Eh when lah Malaysia…

Guess what it is finally here and this is some head turner. Not by its super bike looks which there aren’t, but the intriguing design of it that gives you an impression that even a child can ride it. Here are the dimensions. 1,755(L) x 730(W) x 1,000mm (H). No wonder it is so senang to cilok as they say (weave through traffic) and a favorite amongst users. Nice one Honda!

Small and low profile tyres, the ability to customize and all. I was on youtube the other day and I came across a video of a Grom/MSX125 hitting the corners like there was not tomorrow. I was like….really? I had to take a 2nd look…

This will be an awesome play bike and your daily commuter that will not blow your money bag.

16YM MSX125

Burning Red

So what is the MSX 125 all about?

It’s powered by a potent 125cc air- cooled single cylinder 4-stroke engine that delivers maximum power of 7.2kW at 7,000rpm and maximum torque of 11Nm at 5,250rpm. Not bad at all…no wonder it was hitting the corners effortlessly.

It has a 5.7 litre fuel tank, Fuel Injected and a Euro 3 standard compliant engine. Meaning cleaner emissions. That we like.

Chassis wise, it is constructed from an extremely strong and durable steel mono-backbone frame claiming to provide confident handling in all conditions (Yet to give it a good go). Its underbone frame is claimed to be rigid yet flexible enough to allow a certain degree of yield, which enables it to better respond to changes on the road. Ideal dimensions of 1,755(L) x 730(W) x 1,000mm (H) with a make the MSX 125 very easy to manage and navigate through tight traffic.

16YM MSX125

Very familiar Meter Display

It also comes with a sleek fairing with its LED headlight & taillight. The LCD display with speedometer, twin trip meters, fuel gauge and clock although taken from the CB series is definitely refreshing in lines with Honda’s  revamp plans to prioritize new designs with technology in every new line up.

So what is the Price tag on this…? Well not too hefty.
Currently it has an introduction showroom price of RM11,128.94 (GST included), with a manufacturing warranty of 2 years or 20,000km (whichever comes first).

The MSX 125 available in two color options, Hyper Yellow and Burning Red.

For more details, you can get in touch with Boon Siew Honda @ or call Boon Siew Honda Toll-Free number at 1800-88-3993 (Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm, except for public holidays).

Time to GROM yourself out….

Otomoto…”The journey is in the Ride”

What an MSX 125 can look like…

What potential

What potential



Will this make shores?

Will this make shores?

This is what i'm talkin about

This is what i’m talkin about




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