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SATURDAY SANTAI | VESPA | PRIMAVERA + GTS | 70th Anniversary Edition


Teh Tarik – Check
Roti Canai Dhal Sambal – Check
Iconic Scooter – Check
Itching To Ride – YEA!

Saturday mornings come and you’re out for some mountain air, get on a scoot and twist away. Chill & take in some scenery, catch-up with a friend over coffee, some things never get old.

That’s how we santai ( relax ) with our Vespas. Just get on & go where ever your itchiness takes you, well this iconic machine just takes us back in time where the pace of life was kinder, the air was fresher & Saturdays were meant for sleeping-in or taking it easy.

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By: Sharizan Borhan|

Hey gang. This has been a much talked about topic recently to have  motorcycles fitted with ABS as a standard fitting rather than an optional accessory. As we already know or if you are new to the automotive world, ABS actually saves lives. Imagine locking up that front wheel in an emergency situation especially on 2 wheels. What happens next can be a very painful or fatal experience. And trust me….IT CAN HAPPEN to even the most seasoned rider. All it takes is a slip in concentration and reflexes.

You may claim that you can simulate the brake pressure regulated by an ABS system with your squeeze grip…but when an emergency happens, it may not turn out that way. It had even happen to me despite having 25 years of riding experience. Ahem…I am not exactly that old as I started riding at 16 yrs of age and experienced my first major accident at 17.

So how can ABS minimize the risk of a lock up?

ABS or Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) works to prevent a wheel lock up everytime you apply the brakes in any situation to any moving vehicle installed with one. ABS uses speed sensors on both wheels to accurately determine wheel speed it is also able to determine when a wheel is about to lock up.
Its an interesting feeling on the brake caliper or foot pedal when the ABS kicks in …you will feel a juddering effect or brake pressure being regulated many times to prevent a wheel lock up and allowing the rider be in total control in any situation.
Many studies have also shown that ABS systems does reduce braking distance as compared to vehicles not fitted with ABS.
Here are some visuals where the ABS units are placed.
07-motorcycle-abs-01 abs-in-motorcycle motorcycle-diagram sb0401-bd2












So all in all, whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, ABS is the way to go. It is one of those burden lifter or must haves that gives you peace of mind when you are riding. It is worth forking out that extra penny to slow down safely.

Remember, prevention is always better than cure. Safety First. Your Life depends on it!

Video courtesy of Vicroads Australia.


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By: Sharizan Borhan|

How many of you have actually longed to get back onto a motorcycle after a long hiatus?

You must be in the mid stages of your life if you are.

Most common reasons for taking a break

  1. Starting a family
  2. Injury
  3. Saving up for Education
  4. Business taking a toll on your time
  5. and the list goes on.

Once all these reasons are over and dealt with, you are feeling ready to get back on one because that itch becomes more and more apparent. And would you identify that? Well you begin your quest to research on bikes, you talk bikes, youtube bikes or even visit the showroom to get even more inspired.

You recall that feeling of the wind running through your face, the feeling of flying and feeling free, the sound and vibration of power running between your legs and with just a twist of your wrist…you take it up to a hundred kilometers an hour in a blink of an eye. ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS.

But something is stopping you. You suddenly come into realization….your confidence level  is not what it used to be, fear sets in and you begin to weigh your options, “ I still wanna ride but I’m not young anymore” Thoughts are now running through your head.

  1. What are my priorities
  2. I’m not young anymore
  3. Can I risk an injury
  4. and the list of things that run through your mind goes on and on…

In this kind of situation, what are the things that you should really consider before getting back on a motorcycle after along break?

Here are some tips

  • An attitude check

Most of us getting back on a motorcycle again would be in our midlife era now. So an attitude review is a must. Think “mature ” as you are no longer that young biker boy next door but distinguished gentlemen. Our reflexes are also not what is is used to before.

  • Get a refresher course

Ask a friends who have current riding experiences to give you one and perhaps hand you a loaner bike. If not make that purchase for that purpose.

You may also know a friend of a friend who is in a similar situation as you are. Do a tag team. For some who have been there, get them to shed some insights to you how they overcame them.

  • Start with a smaller CC motorcycle or a slower one

With more power comes greater responsibility to restrain you. We all know that when it comes to exceeding the legal speed limit, we are all guilty…but the question is are you riding responsibly? Are you in control or is the bike controlling you?

Honestly any bike is never wrong as long as its ridden sensibly.

  • Review your ride options

This is a very important factor because as priorities in life changes so does our taste in riding styles. You may be stiffer physically, or have much to think about in terms of commitment, safety, appearance, speed, handling and more importantly COMFORT. A sore bottom and back can be a huge turnoff .

  • Review your safety gear

Can’t stress this enough. If you can afford it…Out with the old and in with the new. We all know that Helmets have a lifespan of about bout 5 years minus any crashes or chips. Check it out to see if there is anything falling out…if so…it is a good excuse or a compulsory excuse for a new  one.

  • Riding Jacket and Pants with body armor

Inspect them thoroughly. If there are any signs of wear and tear especially fabric tears, best to keep it as a spare and start shopping for a new one. Another good excuse to keep up with new safety aspects.

And of course if they still fit your Mid-age body. Anything forced is never a good thing.

  • Riding Boots/Shoes

They too tend to deteriorate in storage especially in humid weather. Run a check on its pliability and look of for cracks and breaks in the leather and plastics. The Sole condition is also important to check for hardening.

If all the above show signs, shop for new ones.

Once you have checked all the boxes…its now time to get that bike and “ride like the wind”


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